A Short Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My intention for this blog is to create a cozy home for sewing, patterns, and  for making pretty things. We, as sewists, design and make lingerie, underwear, panties, jammies, lounge wear, swimwear, coverups, accessories, and more. Whatever we can dream up. With this blog I hope we can all share our making experiences, and have fun while creating our projects. Whether you're looking to make clothing or crafts for yourself, for a family member, a friend or maybe even start your own business– I will make myself available in any way possible. As our community grows we’ll have a place to laugh, cry, create, be proud, collaborate and learn from each other along the way.



Let me introduce myself to the community: I’m Lisha and I love sewing and pattern making. ♥️ I love everything about it! Ever since I was a little girl. I feel free and warm fuzzies inside when working with fabrics, laces, mesh, fancy elastics and beautiful materials. I want to to hear from those of you who get that same feeling!

When I’m not dreaming up my next pattern to create, I love cooking vegetarian foods...especially deserts, playing music, practicing yoga, playing with our dog, or reading up on and learning about anything new under the sun! For the past few years I’ve lived in Atlanta, GA (Marietta to be exact...just north of Atlanta) in the U.S.

Everyone needs a support network. Mine is my family and friends.

After working in the fashion industry for many years as a technical designer I’ve always had a longing, and felt like I needed to get back to my roots, being an entrepreneur, sharing. Helping fellow sewists drives me and inspires me. After many attempts at different business ideas we are happy to share Stitch Love Studio with you.

This is the beginning of something great! Join me! I’d love hearing from you and I’d love to know your story. Feel free to share, comment or ask any questions. I love to hear from you–my people.

Ciao for now!


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