The Fit is It: Choosing the Right Bra

Do you ever come home and one of the first things you do (or want to do) is take off your bra? Are you constantly fidgeting with your bra during the day because it's uncomfortable or not wanting to stay in place? Maybe you have been professionally fitted at one store but then wonder why the same size bra doesn't fit you at another. Frustrating, I know.

Undergarments should be comfortable and make you feel beautiful. Having the right fit should hide many of the lines in your clothes created by an ill fitting bra that is digging in and causing you that discomfort - giving you the right foundation for your clothes. 

Here are some tips to help you understand if your bra is fitting you correctly and how to find (or create) the right size bra to make you feel and look beautiful. When putting on your bra - a helpful trick is to lift up your breast in a "scoop and swoop" technique to make sure your breasts are above the underwire by lifting from the side. Then smooth your tissue into the cup to let them settle.


Now, let’s review the fit!

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1) Bra cups should sit flush to your body as well as the front space (center gore) between the cups. Cups should not gape at the top or cut into flesh. 

If you notice that the cups are gaping at the top, opt for a smaller cup size. If your cup runneth over or the top edge is cutting in - go up a cup size. Remember a good fitting bra cup should be like a second skin over your breasts.

If you notice the center gore is floating above your breast bone (not flush with your skin), then check if your band is too big or your cup is too small. You may have to look at another bra style to get a better fit.


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2) Underwire should surround the breast, not dig in or lift off the body.

If the underwire is lifting away from you / sitting on top of the breast or the underwire is digging into the breast - this is a sign that your cup size is too small.


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3) The bra band should be parallel to the floor around the body. The band should be snug to support the weight of the breasts - this will reduce the weight/strain on the bra straps. 

You can test the snugness by raising your arms and see if the band stays in place. If it rides up - size down. If it is cutting or painful - size up.

Tip: Start with the bra hooks on the outermost eyelets. This way as the elastic/fabric loosen over time, you can tighten the band increasing the longevity of your bras.


4) Shoulder straps should be adjusted so that straps are comfortable and stay in place (not digging in or falling off shoulders). 

Tip: Wider straps and bra bands will disperse the weight over your shoulders and give more support for larger busts. 


Hopefully, this will help those out there with fit issues. Ditch the old, ill-fitting bras and treat yourself to an upgrade in fit and comfort today! You're worth it.

Know any good fit tips and tricks? Share your bra fitting stories with me.

Ciao for now!

– Submitted to Stitch Love Studio by Guest Writer, Lauren Famularo.


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