Maddie Kulig, owner of Philadelphia-based Madalynne Intimates, has an overarching vision to provide people with lingerie that is as equally beautiful as it is functional and inclusive, whether that be through sewing their own or buying from the market. Her designs are for everyone – thin people, overweight people, trans people, older people, young people and disabled people are all represented and highlighted in the same way. It’s extremely important for Maddie to have a brand that inspires all people to feel and look good in their lingerie.

Madalynne is known for a few things that separates it from other bra making companies — size inclusivity and representing those sizes with real people, colorful prints and patterns which she develops in-house and has made exclusively, a large selection of DIY kits (usually over 50 at one time), bra making workshops and retreats (1-2 per month) and her new book, SEW LINGERIE.
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