Guide to Stitch Love Sewing Patterns

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I hope you enjoy making our sewing patterns as much as we love and enjoy bringing them to you!

We are so excited to present to you our collection. Our sewing patterns are drafted, tested and graded by industry professional pattern makers, using methods from old-school drafting and draping to digital technology. We combine years of experience in the pattern making, grading and technical design fields to bring you a quality product.


We try to make it simple and we’d like you to have all the information you need to complete your project.

Our sewing patterns include suggested skill level indicator, size chart, list of materials, notions suggestions, sewing instructions, style modification guides, cutting reference guide, and pattern information guides. All patterns are marked with notches and clearly indicate all the seam allowances, to make it easy for adjusting or transformations, and so much more!


We want you to succeed and enjoy creating many, many beautiful pieces.

We strive to bring you the best patterns we can offer. Our patterns are based on the Stitch Love Studio measurement chart. Any commercial pattern might need alterations to fit your specific needs. In addition to continuously adding new tutorials to our website, we’re also happy answering any questions you may have.




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The provided Size Chart is for body measurements. All Stitch Love Studio pattern has negative ease to accommodate for the stretch in the fabric.

Stitch Love Studio- Pattern Guide- Size Chart




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Stitch Love Studio sewing pattern sizes are usually grouped in two size ranges (unless otherwise specified):

1. From X-Small to Large

2. From X-Large to 3X-Large

We maintain style consistency by creating a proportional shape, not relying on mathematical grading.

We indicate each size with a specific color and dotted line style to quickly identify the size on all patterns, in addition to the size name.Stitch Love Studio- Pattern Guide- Size Legend 










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Sewing skill level recommendation is indicated on the patterns with hearts. You’ll be confidant knowing what to expect before starting your project. If you have never sewn, I would encourage you practice on woven/non-stretch materials before attempting to work with knit fabrics for the first time.

Stitch Love Studio- Pattern Guide- Skill Level Chart











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We provide a stretch ruler guide to determine the stretch percentage of any fabric. The stretch ruler guide is located on the back of our printed patterns or on the back page of the downloadable PDF patterns.

Following the suggested stretch percentage when choosing the fabric is critical to achieve the right fit.
How to use the stretch ruler guide to find the stretch percentage of a fabric:
1. Hold an area of the fabric on the crosswise direction at the indicated 5” or red arrow.
2. Stretch until you feel resistance (do not over stretch).
3. Use the percentage reference.
Repeat the same instructions in the lengthwise direction to determine 2-way stretch versus 4-way stretch and the differences.


When measuring the stretch, try not to pull too close to the edge of the fabric to get a more accurate reading, and to prevent damaging the fabric. 

Stitch Love Studio- Pattern Guide- Stretch Ruler








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Stitch Love Studio- Pattern Guide- Pattern Example

Important note: Stitch Love Studio patterns are for personal use only, and they are not to be used for commercial production. No part of any of our patterns should be reproduced or resold in any format. 

Please contact us for Stitch Love Studio Pattern wholesale information.